Name: Mammoth Rank
Price: 150.00 75.00 USD

=== [Perks] ===

  • [Mammoth] Prefix next to your name in chat in bold
  • Ability to keep EXP on death
  • Ability to join when the server is full
  • Ability to use colors when making signs
  • Ability to set 30 homes
  • 5 Player Vaults
  • 11 Auction Slots
  • Access to /hat - Wear a block as a helmet
  • Access to /craft - Portable crafting table
  • Access to /feed - Replenishes your hunger
  • Access to /ec - Open your enderchest
  • Access to /ptime - Sets your personal time of day
  • Access to /back - Teleports you to your previous location
  • Access to /fix - Repairs the item that you are holding
  • Access to /fix all - Repairs all your inventory items

=== [Kits] ===

Mammoth - /kit Mammoth

  • x2 Diamond Helmet (Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Aqua Infinity II)
  • x2 Diamond Chestplate (Protection IV, Unbreaking III)
  • x2 Diamond Leggings (Protection IV, Unbreaking III)
  • x2 Diamond Boots (Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Depth Strider II)
  • x2 Diamond Sword (Sharp V, Fire Aspect II, Looting III)
  • x3 Diamond Pickaxe (Efficiency VI, Unbreaking V, Fortune IV)
  • x3 Diamond Axe (Efficiency VI Unbreaking V, Fortune IV)
  • x3 Diamond Shovel (Efficiency VI, Unbreaking X, Fortune IV)
  • x2 Bow (Power V, Flame II, Infinity I)
  • x64 Arrow

Mammoth - /reclaim

  • $150,000